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Protein Cycling Binding

PCB Technology

Proteins are important components of cells and their activities determine various cellular functions; and detection of proteins is indispensable in biomedical research and clinical applications.

Protein cycling binding (PCB) technology is a method developed by Hypromatrix that can rapidly and sensitively detect proteins as well as other molecules. PCB utilizes a repeated filtration-like process to achieve rapid and efficient protein binding. In general the method employs multiple cycles/passages of an antibody solution through an antigen-immobilized porous support. In each cycle, the antibody solution passes through the porous support via a filtration-like process; during the passage the antibody have the chance of binding the antigens; then the solution is passed through the porous support again in the next cycle. This process is repeated multiple times; and thus dramatically increases the binding between antibodies and antigens.

PCB advantages

  1. Sensitive, can detect picogram analytes;
  2. Rapid, the binding takes seconds, and an multiple-step assay only takes a few minutes.
  3. Quantitative.
  4. Multiplexing: Can detect multiple analytes in the same assay.
  5. Flexible: multiple assay formats give you choices in assay designs. You can use sandwiched assay, competition assay, and multiplexing assay as you need.
  6. Automation: Protein Cycler will do the cycling for you automatically. 

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