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Capture AntibodyArray

Overview of Capture AntibodyArray


Capture AntibodyArrayTM contain a large number of high quality antibodies against well-studied proteins. The antibodies are immobilized on a membrane, each at a predetermined position, and they retain their capabilities of recognizing and capturing antigens as well as antigen-associated proteins.  The proteins captured on the array can then be detected by immunoblotting.


Capture AntibodyArrayTM offers a high-throughput method for protein studies. It has many applications, including:

1. Screening protein-protein interactions

2. Studying protein posttranslational modifications


Currently We offer several standard Capture AntibodyArray products (described on the following pages of this catalog), each of which is ideally suited for particular applications. If none of these standard Capture AntobodyArrays is optimal for your needs, we can create a custom Capture AntibodyArray, according to your specifications.

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