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Protein Expression Profiling

Technology Overview

Immunochemical staining is a versatile technique for determining both the presence and localization of an antigen. This information is of immense value to biomedical research and clinical medicine. Most of the current methods, all of which involve incubating cells with an antibody solution, only allow cell staining with one or a few antibodies at a time. These methods are not suitable for applications in which the expressions and sub-cellular localizations of a large number of different proteins need to be examined.

The AntibodyArrayTM staining method takes advantage of "Dissociable Protein Array" technology, which allows the delivery of a large number of proteins to their targets in a position-addressable manner. In staining AntibodyArrayTMs, the antibodies are immobilized on a membrane in such a manner that when they make contact with cells fixed on another support, the antibodies can bind to their respective antigens. When the array support is separated from the cells, the antibodies will be dissociated from the support and remain bound to the antigens. Therefore, the method enables the staining of multiple antibodies simultaneously, each at a pre-determined position.

AntibodyArrayTM staining technology offers a high-throughput method for examining in vivo protein activities. It has many applications, including:

  • Examining protein expressions

  • Revealing protein sub-cellular localizations

    Measuring protein expressions has applications in a variety of fields, including biomedical research, disease diagnosis, and drug discovery. Antibody array staining provides an unique approach to reveal protein expression patterns. It is useful in comparing the expressions of a large number of proteins between different biological samples

    Hypromatrix has developed a series of protein arrays based on Dissociable AntibodyArrayTM Technology, including Staining AntibodyArrayTM I . A Trial Staining AntibodyArrayTM is also available for free for qualified customers.


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