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Signal Transduction AntibodyArrayTM


Catalog Number Price  
HM3000 $980.00



Kit Includes Quantity
Signal Transduction AntibodyArrayTM 1
Trial AntibodyArrayTM 1



Each Signal Transduction AntibodyArrayTM contains 400 high quality antibodies against well-studied signaling proteins. The antibodies are arrayed onto a nitrocellulose membrane with a proprietary technique to completely retain the biological activities such as the binding of respective antigens.

Applications Protein-Protein Interactions Protein Phosphorylations
Accessory products HRP Conjugated Anti-GST, GFP, c-Myc, HA and His HRP Conjugated Anti-p-Tyrosine, p-Serine and p-Threonine

Signal Transduction AntibodyArrayTM systems are generally used in the following applications:

  • To screen novel protein-protein interactions. For example, when a scientist clones a new gene and he/she wishes to find out its interacting partners, an AntibodyArrayTM is the tool of choice.
  • To find out changes in protein-protein interactions under different conditions, such as in different cell types, different developmental stages and different diseases.
  • To examine changes in protein phosphorylations under different conditions.


Species Specificities

Human, Mouse and Rat.

This array can be used in the study of human, mouse and rat systems. The majority of the antibodies on the array recognize human, mouse and rat proteins. Cross-reactivity to other species is not known.

For a complete list of species cross-reactivity of the antibodies, please refer to the list.


Antibody Position List


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