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Protein-protein Interaction Screening
Gene Cloning
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Protein Purification


The scientific staff of Hypromatrix Services Division is a team of highly qualified and dedicated scientists with special skills and scientific expertise. Hypromatrix offers its customers expertise, integrated experimental design and implementation, quick turn-around time, and excellent quality assurance in the following service areas:

  • Protein-protein Interaction Screening
    1. Using our AntibodyArrayTM technology to screen unknown protein-protein interactions;
    2. Detecting changes in protein-protein interactions under different conditions.
  • Gene Cloning
    1. PCR or library screening
    2. Full length cDNA cloning
    3. Genomic DNA cloning
  • Gene Expression
    1. Bacteria
    2. Yeast
    3. Insect
    4. Mammalian Cells
  • Protein Purification
    1. Native protein
    2. Recombinant protein
  • Assay Design

Quality of the work is our No. 1 priority. We always deliver publication-ready images (DNA electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, Western Blotting, etc.).

Hypromatrix is proud of its success in freeing scientists from tedious experimental routines so they can focus on more important things. Regardless of what our customers are thinking of doing, our quality help is only a phone call away. Please call us at 508-856-7900 or send inquiries, comments, or suggestions to contact@hypromatrix.com.

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