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Western blotting enhancer

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Full-size Blot

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Blotting blot

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Mini Blot

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GST Biotin

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Staining AntibodyArray I

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Custom Staining AntibodyArray

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AntibodyArray Staining Apparatus

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Motorized ArrayStage For Upright Microscope (Cat.# HM8020)

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Motorized ArrayStage For Inverted Microscope (Cat.# HM8021)

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New Technology







Western Blotter Cat.# HM9010

  • A fully automated Western blot processor from Hypromatrix.
  • Accurate control!  Exact reaction time and reagent volume. 
  • Increased experimental consistence.
  • Fully automated! Eliminate tedious and repeat manual operation.
  • Easy to use! Intuitive design, work the same way as standard Western. 
  • Fast setup, automatic cleaning. 
  • Pre-installed protocols.
  • Affordable! For the price of a shaker, you can do much more.


Capture AntibodyArray

Capture AntibodyArrayTMs contain a large number of high quality antibodies against well-studied proteins. The antibodies are immobilized on a membrane, each at a predetermined position, and they retain their capabilities of recognizing and capturing antigens as well as antigen-associated proteins.  The proteins captured on the array can then be detected by immunoblotting.


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